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What do I know about magnets?

Use the following links to find out about magnets:

Magnetic fun

science kids – magnets

first 4 magnets

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7 Responses to “What do I know about magnets?”

  1.   lia marie Says:

    Magnets sticks to some type of material. The colour of a magnets is red and blue.

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  2.   rafaela Says:

    I know that a magnet can stick to certain materials it does not have to look like metal to be like metal because the magnet will still attract the objects.A magnet has two different poles they are North and South pole. If you have two magnets together they will attract each other but if there are the same letters facing each other that means they are going to repel meanings of that they are not going to stick together. At first I did not know what a magnet is but now I have learnt a lot about magnets I know exactly what a magnet is.

  3.   Ihrum Says:

    Magnets are objects that produce an area of magnetic force called a magnetic field.Magnetic fields by themselves are invisible to the human eye. Magnets only attract certain types of metals, other materials such as glass, plastic and wood aren’t attracted.Metals such as iron, nickel and cobalt are attracted to magnets.Magnets have north poles and south poles. These attract each other. But two north poles will repel each other, as will two south poles
    Iron is magnetic, so any metal with iron in it will be attracted to a magnet. Most other metals, like aluminium, copper or gold, are not magnetic.

  4.   Shiyamol Says:

    If you put a magnet in a bowl of water the North Pole on the magnet will point to the earths North Pole.

    If you put iron filings on a magnet you will slowly see the magnetic field which you will normally not see

  5.   Rafaela Says:

    A magnet can attract certain objects like a bell a pole from a chairs leg a TV screen and a laptop screen.

    If you put a magnet facing the sme way like North Pole and North Pole then they will repeal but the magnet on the right will slowly turn around so the magnet an stick to the other magnet so you know that it wants to stick to the other magnet.

  6.   Evangelin Says:

    Magnets are objects that stick together. Electromagnets are created by a current. These words mean they stick together. Repel means South Pole and South Pole don’t attract . However attract means there a magnet field. The properties of magnets are solid, light and smooth. The objects that are magnets are fridge, hammer , nail , tools, door bell , vehicles and keyrings. The objects that are not magnets are plastic, wood, glass and paper clip metal. Magnets are objects that produces an area of magnetic field.

  7.   Niluxshan Says:

    The propties of a magnet is it has South Pole and North Pole

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